My first foray into reading Seth Godin was the Icarus Deception, and it definitely did not disappoint.

For years, we are trained and taught to think like the system, act like the system, and do what the system would do.  While this is great for industrialization that relies heavily on efficiency and margins, it comes at a heavy price.  That price is the art that we are all capable of making.

Seth’s book does an outstanding job in outlying why we are trapped in this mindset, and what we can do to break this mentality in our everyday life.  What is holding us back?  Fear.  The same fear that kept us safe for thousands of years by avoiding the mountain lion.  The same fear that excites us on roller coasters.  The same fear that all of us have embedded in us, and keeps us from taking the leaps of faith that are always necessary to achieve greatness.

So, if we have identified what this is and why it is important, what do we do about it?  Get moving and connect.  Get moving making the art in our lives we are all capable of making.  Get moving doing what you love, and avoid doing the same things over and over that are not personally fulfilling.  No matter what – get going.


Connection is what many of us are lacking, leading to personal and professional stagnation.  Answer these questions to get connecting:

  • Who do you want to connect with?
  • What problems can you solve publicly?
  • Who can you add to your tribe along the way, as you make progress on your mission?
  • How can you encourage others?
  • What forums or groups can you get involved in?
  • Who would benefit from you reassuring them?

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